Online ID Verification challenges heightened by corona virus social distancing rules – The Ideal Solution

visual identity verification solution
Visual Identity Verification Solution

A good digital identity verification solution should come with the proper balance of security, convenience and privacy- but this is often easier said than done.

Police, border agencies and businesses that need to check identity documents on a regular basis are facing challenges verifying documents online, according to law enforcement experts.

Online documents checking, verification and remote customer-onboarding are becoming inevitable parts in industries like financial services, job and visa applications, legal cases, e-health, online educations, etc.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a greater number of organizations have adopted different types of remote verification services and tools because of the health risks and other difficulties of meeting person-to-person.

On any relevant situation, online verification should be faster and more convenient than traditional in-person identity verification.

Increased challenges in verifying documents like passports or driver licenses raises the risk of fraudulent activities and could make things easier for criminals to get their hands on forged or stolen documents.

Another Situation

The truth is that identity and travel documents cannot be thoroughly checked or validated online.

These documents must be checked by human eyes.

The human-eye based checks can be really challenging to implement online without having a professionally designated tool.

A crucial document like a Passport has approximately 40 security features ranging from watermarks or typefaces to other advanced features. It is not possible to check each security feature of a crucial document (like a Passport) in an online environment, so there should be a legitimate remote verification process that enables users to check documents visually and in real-time.

Some of the robust security and checking features like bio-metric chips are checked at the automated border gate, but features cannot be checked remotely.

Online ID Verification

Consumers’ smartphones and PC’s lack special hardware features to read chip information and Governments do not share ID Chip technology with the private organizations.

But with skyrocketing pressure on organizations to identify and validate their customers online, demand for smart visual identity verification solutions is growing substantially. A good online ID verification solution should have a proper balance of security, convenience, accessibility and privacy.

The truth is that it is not easy to know all the security features of thousands of documents, but an easy to implement and use systematic approach can actually make an organization’s remote verification process easier.

Visual Identity Verification Solution Online – The Best Solution

An advanced visual ID verification software can turn the cumbersome customer verification process in to a simple and less time-consuming affair.

A best-in-class online visual identity verification software like eyeDnow enables authorities to capture their customers’ face and ID documents. Authorities can validate their customers based on a real time comparison between facial images and the image on their ID cards.

Online document checks that use a “live-video” feature are always regarded to be more robust.

If your organization hasn’t implemented a robust online visual ID verification solution yet, it’s time  to consider implementing one and eyeDnow could be your best help for this purpose.