Know Why Digital Identity Verification is Critical to Customer Experience

visual identity verification solution

When opening an account or signing up to a service, your customers expect a smooth and reliable onboarding experience. Visual identity verification plays a significant role, not only ensuring the person opening an account is the person they say they are, but also it is important to provide an excellent customer onboarding experience, as most organizations transition to a digital-first business model. In this article we are going to discuss why digital identity is the future for enhanced customer experience.

Customers Are Not Same Anymore:

The significant disruptions created over the last couple of months have left a long-lasting mark on customers.  The people you were dealing with just a few months ago are not the same people anymore.

As a result, organizations need to restructure their onboarding process for their customers and re-examine what a satisfactory customer experience actually looks like.

In a crisis situation, a customer’s first impression with your organization can leave an immediate and long-lasting effect on their sense of trust and loyalty. This is why providing a good customer experience with a perfect visual identity verification software is crucial.

Identity Verification for Regulated Industries:

For regulated organizations like banks, investment firms, insurance companies, when onboarding and verifying a customer’s identity they must strike the right balance between detecting the identity fraud and ensuring an excellent user experience.

This requires a fast and reliable visual identity verification solution like eyeDnow which enables an organization to perform a customer’s visual identity verification and document verification seamlessly.

Real-time visual identity verification is a vital thing that all regulated businesses need to ensure they’re dealing with their actual customers. A digital identity verification tool like eyeDnow allows businesses to have continual and accurate reporting on a customer’s relevant changes in circumstance so that businesses can remain always compliant.

Mobile Phones Enable Visual Identity Verification Services:

Clients expect instant access to services via their smartphones. The number of smartphone users in 2019 was 3.2 billion and the number is still expected to grow further in 2021. Keeping this thing mind, regulated organizations have already started embracing visual identity verification solutions via smartphones.

eyeDnow enables businesses to conduct visual identity verification and validation through a live-video session which customers can do by using mobile phones only-it’s that easy and convenient.

A smart designed digital identity verification system using smartphones can really enhance the overall customer experience.


This COVID-19 pandemic will eventually be over at some point, or we will simply learn to live with it. We expect to see some significant changes in customer preferences and business models to overcome the existing crisis and lockdown scenario.

With all these changes, businesses need to consider the Customer Experience as a highly-critical parameter for success. Futuristic business leaders have already started to embrace the technology of remote customer onboarding and using it enhance customer experience and brand reputation. To learn more about how we can help you with a cutting-edge digital identity verification solution for your business, click here