Ensure The Best Employee Onboarding Process Digitally

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Employee Onboarding

With the New Year of 2021, recruiters are having the busiest time of the season. While career conferences, events, on-campus placement processes and in-person interviews were typically common practices, COVID-19 reshaped the entire concept of recruiting and onboarding new candidates in organizations.

Instead of conducting face-to-face events and interview processes, more and more companies are adopting new ways of recruiting- the digital recruitment process. The new approach of recruiting processes includes sending messages on recruiting platforms, conducting video conference interviews and onboarding new candidates remotely. If you are new to this process it can be a real challenging affair.

However, there’s nothing to worry about! Remote onboarding can be highly effective if you can streamline it properly in your organization.

Now this article tells you about the best practices to ensure your remote onboarding process is seamless, effective and ensures the best-in-class user-experience:

Make Things Easier for Your Newly Recruited Employees:

In a regular in-person onboarding process, newly-hired candidates need to complete all paperwork, collect all the important documents and meet the team. Things are different in a digital onboarding process for the candidates.

Arrange all the basics:

Make sure your remote employees (new candidates) have the basic facilities like a laptop, headphone and of course, a stable internet connection. You can send them welcome goodies as this gesture shows your organization really acknowledges and cares about the newcomers. To do so you will need to have new hires’ information like their email address, phone number and residential address.

Once you’re confirmed about their starting date, you should email all the information they will need to get started. It is always recommended to email them a few days in advance so that they can prepare their schedules and workspace in a proper manner.

Complete your new hire documentation along with online visual ID verification:

For businesses working with their employees remotely, virtual document signing is nothing new. You can easily find virtual document signing tools online that allow you to have all the signed documents for the newly recruited candidates. But, how can you be assured that each candidate’s visual identity is an authentic one?

Well, this is exactly where eyeDnow’s online visual identity verification solution could be great help for you. It allows you to interact with your new recruits via a live encrypted video session where you can capture the facial image of a candidate and their government ID documents. You can compare both images in a real-time environment. Furthermore, eyeDnow captures the crucial information like the candidate’s IP address, Geo-Location, etc.

Make Sure You Check-In Properly:

Remote work is still a new concept to many newly joined candidates and grads. It is always recommended to use a video checking process to have an interactive session with your newly joined candidates. You can do it easily using an eyeDnow video chat session as it enables you to send video-calling invitations to all the newly joined candidates and conduct any number of meetings at a time. In the interactive video session you can provide all the information like- the person whom they will meet their first day, tasks they are expected to perform at day one, log-in and log-out times, etc.

Time to Execute:

Implementing a remote onboarding process doesn’t have to be a dauting affair for your organization. Onboarding itself is a lengthy process, but with a tailor-made remote onboarding and visual ID verification software like eyeDnow it can be the simplest one for you.

So, are you ready to implement a virtual onboarding process in your company with eyeDnow? Contact us for a demo session with you and your team.