Visual Identity Verification Solutions: How To Select The Right One?

We finally reached an age where everything is a single click away, with personal information as our most important resource. This is why almost every enterprise feels the urgency to come up with processes and practices that allow their customers to perform all tasks in the digital space. Unfortunately, most of the organizations lack the particular services or tools that can connect and verify customers’ digital and physical identities in a secure, responsible and hassles-free manner.

The digital identity verification market has already become saturated with a lot of companies offering a wide range of products and solutions. For an organization that’s just initiating its digital transition process, it can be difficult to choose a legitimate provider that contemplates all security and transparency that a company really needs.

What is A Digital Identity?

The truth is digital identity has no universally accepted definition. It can be defined as a set of attributes associated with the specific person, but when combined together it forms the digital identity of that person.

On one side of the spectrum, identity attributes are simple and include basic information; name, email ID, date of birth. All are necessary when it comes to opening a social media account. During this kind of registration formality, a user doesn’t need to upload and verify his/her identity documents.

On the other side of the spectrum are cases that involve more complex actions, varying from new bank account opening, registering for new mobile phone number, different types of money transfer options and formal customer onboarding process performed by organizations, etc. The reasons are simple. The regulatory guidelines and compliances requirements are stricter with enterprises that provide these services. Regulations like Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) or Know Your Customers (KYC) are imposed to protect, not only the customers but the businesses as well. The digital identity verification process requires that a user goes through formalities like document verification and matching the physical characteristic with the submitted documents. By having a smart visual identity verification solution, an organization can easily proceed with remote identity verification and onboard customers in a real-time environment.

The Important Features You Should Look For In A Visual Identity Verification Software:

When it comes to choosing a perfect solution, businesses need to do an in-depth study to know about the identity verification solution market. Here are the things you must check at the time of selecting an identity verification solution:

1. Remote Visual Identity Verification Solution Through Interactive Live Video Session:

A legitimate visual identity verification software always allows businesses to conduct a smooth customer onboarding process by verifying and validating their customers remotely via video call. eyeDnow is one of the best visual identity verification solutions that allow businesses to capture the image of users and their identity documents so they can compare both the images and validate the users immediately.

2. Real-Time Processing:

One of the vital features! When an identity verification solution features crucial levels of identity attributes like customer’s facial image capture, identity document image capture, IP address tracking, Geo-location capture, it builds a solid foundation for the organizations to assess potential risks associated with identity theft, documents frauds, etc. Having the ability to verify a customer’s identity right at the moment ensures a fast and seamless customer onboarding process for the organizations. By enabling high-end technology “in the moment” eyeDnow eliminates all the remote verification related challenges for the businesses and enhances the overall verification process.

3. Agile Development and Good Customer Support System:


It’s true that identity verification technologies are evolving fast but, at the same time, fraudsters are keeping up with it. You should always select a visual identity verification provider that keeps the product improving, innovating and following the new-aged UX trends. eyeDnow uses the latest technology and the entire video verification system is SSL encrypted, thus ensures the utmost security. Another great thing about this product is that it offers 24/7 customer assistance via email and chat support for the users.

4. Cloud Storage:

A reputed digital ID verification software like eyeDnow stores all your customers’ information in a dedicated cloud environment which you can access from anywhere, anytime.


Visual identity verification solution has now become mission-critical for both front and back ends of business operations, that’s why you need to take it seriously. It’s time to leverage the benefits of eyeDnow to turn your complex customer identity verification and onboarding process into a simple and seamless one.