How Can Digital ID Verification Play A Crucial Role in the Healthcare Industry

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Digital Patient Onboarding

As the present situation of the global pandemic gets even more serious, traditional healthcare services look forward to adopting the evolving and new-aged technology of an online visual identity verification system. It is an ideal way to remain compliant and maintain all the regulations. And eyeDnow couldn’t be a more perfect solution when it comes to ensuring a secure, instant and streamlined patients’ onboarding and visual ID verification system for healthcare organizations.

Telemedicine has become a pivotal part of most traditional healthcare organizations since the beginning of COVID-19.

Online healthcare services don’t want to compromise the safety of patients’ data and personal information.

The truth is that long before the COVID-19 situation, healthcare organizations realized the need for a robust digital ID verification solution.

No country wants to have an outdated healthcare system with a poor patient onboarding and verification mechanism in 2021.

The answer to that specific need is eyeDnow to ensure the best-in-class digital onboarding and patients’ visual ID verification solution.

The Burgeoning Challenges of Medical Identity Verification:

Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations in different countries are still working with the legacy system of paper-document-oriented patient onboarding.

However, organizations, taking leverage of digital identity verification systems, have managed to make the patient onboarding process highly simplified and faster than ever.

When medical professionals work with patients’ information on a weak digital platform, it leads to unprofessional patient care and information capacity issues. The lack of a smart ID verification system also leads to medical identity theft where patients can end up losing their valuable personal information and social security number.

How Can eyeDnow Play an Important Role in Online ID Verification and Digital Onboarding Domain?

TechRev-the creator of eyeDnow, deeply understands the challenges of the digital healthcare industry. It requires a robust and scalable onboarding process for the patients and other third-party vendors.

Currently, almost everyone wants to engage with an online medical expert and get valuable consultation.

No wonder identity verification has become a “must-have” element for the healthcare industry.

A recent report published by World Bank reveals that Patient Identification is crucial when it comes to providing instant and effective healthcare services to different types of patients.

Digital identity verification can set a whole new standard for public health management in near future.

A smart online visual identity verification solution like eyeDnow can enable healthcare organizations to provide improved healthcare services by ensuring a smooth digital patient onboarding system along with verification of a patients’ identity.

Additionally, it can help companies organize and maintain medical records to eliminate medical fraud and keep patients’ data protected.

eyeDnow provides an online visual identity verification solution with complete global coverage. eyeDnow is a perfect solution for organizations that want to achieve a simplified regulatory process and establish a seamless and fast ID checking process.

With the help of a live interactive video session (that’s end-to-end encrypted!), eyeDnow enable health organizations to verify and validate the ID documents of each patient.

eyeDnow provides a solution that ensures a single-verification process. It allows users to get rid of the legacy method of a time-consuming client or patient verification process.

Considering the present situation, national healthcare services must undergo a digital transformation process that ensures best-in-class remote patient onboarding along with a digital ID verification system.

eyeDnow is the tailor-made solution that healthcare providers should introduce in their organizations. A perfect online visual identity verification service can help by offering an almost immediate, safe and seamless patient onboarding facility online.