5 Tips when considering Visual Identity Verification Software

visual identity verification software

We belong to the digital era where everything is a click away. From the very beginning stage of customer on-boarding to making transactions at a payment gateway, personal data is the most valuable source to know your customers. The Visual Identity Verification Software market is booming in the digital realm where it has become a crucial need for almost every digital business. The problem is that market has already been flooded with different visual id verification tools and it’s really challenging to find the right one.

Now in this article we are going to tell you about five highly effective tips you should consider at the time of choosing a Visual ID Verification Solution:

  1. A Perfect Ratio Between Security and User-Experience: Once you are done with evaluating the business’s requirements, the crucial aspect of visual identification comes to the scene. It’s important to make sure the identity of the user is valid along with providing a smooth user-experience. When it comes to opting for the best in class ID Verification Service, make sure there’s a right balance between user-experience and risk of fraud. Always go for a software which provides the optimized solution in a highly flexible manner.
  2. Prevent Fraudulent Transactions: When it comes to implementing Online identity verification in your organization, select a software that allows you to track and prevent any kind of fraudulent activities without hampering the user-experience.
  3. Real-Time Verification: Real time verification is one of the most crucial aspects while you are selecting the visual identity verification software. Delayed verification process always hampers the user-experience.
  4. Cloud Storage: A smart Identity Verification Solution must be able to store all the images and videos of users along with other important data in a cloud environment that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere without having the fear of losing the information.
  5. Easy to Use: A legitimate visual identity verification software always comes with the most updated security features which run in the background without you even realizing it. So always go for the software which is easy to install and runs smoothly.

If you are in search of the state-of-the-art Visual Identity Verification Solution which can make your verification process easier than ever before, eyeDnow is the right software for you. No matter which part of the world your customer is located, it allows your company’s representative to complete the whole verification remotely with a few clicks.

It’s time to know exactly how it works and it’s an outright simple process-

  • Start the Video Call: All your representative needs to do is start a video call which will connect the customer where both can communicate with each other seamlessly via the live video.
  • Live Face Recognition Along with the Picture ID Verification: It does a real time comparison that your representative can see immediately.
  • ID Capture with The File Detection: The customer needs to show the front and back side of the government-issued ID so that your representative can capture the ID and the software saves the ID in its cloud storage.
  • Get the Detailed Report Generated By eyeDnow: The visual ID verification process is now finished and your representative will receive a detailed report right after the verification process is complete. The report includes customer’s details like IP address, Geo-location, ID proof, image, etc.

Now you might have realized how easy, super-efficient and time-saving visual identity verification solution can be provided by eyeDnow. Having a smart and efficient visual identity verification software will not only enhance the user-experience, but it will also benefit your organization in the long run. EyeDnow is one of the most trusted visual identity verification services for businesses that strongly want to avoid fraudulent activities.